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Find the heritage of stars in your community.  Do some real astronomy research from home.  Embrace the night sky as never before.  


SciFari is a science safari that encourages astronomy-themed activities for science fairs and school projects.  If you are looking for astronomy projects that emphasize local issues as well as citizen science, see our growing list of ideas.  Because science fairs should ask more than "what detergent cleans best?"

sundial-ND.pngStarpath Project

Starpath Project is an initiative to catalog celestial-themed objects in the community. Participants simply use a phone app to photograph, describe, and map the location of the hidden treasures in the built environment.  You simply load the free phone app and embark on the hunt.

The resulting data can be viewed either on the Project: Starpath web page or directly on the user's phone. A Google map automatically plots the locations with accompanying images and details.

Starpath was launched anew on Feb. 28, 2014; from the creator of Nightwise.org.