Starpath Project

Starpath is launching an initiative to catalog celestial-themed objects in the community. Participants simply use a phone app to photograph, describe, and map the location of the hidden treasures in the built environment.

Download the Free Phone App

To participate in the Starpath project, download the phone app from Epicollect. Here are Instructions, or go specifically to:

Loading Starpath on an Adroid Device

Loading Starpath on an iPhone

Embark on the hunt.

That's it. You're ready to embark on a quest in the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood. As you're walking around, if you see a reference to something astronomical, enter your user name, give the object a descriptive name, snap a photo, and save. As an option, you can add any nearby landmarks or intersections, give a longer descripton of the object, and write any comments. You may want to indicate whether it's inside or outside, in a public or private space, visible only from a certain angle, etc.

Save and later sync.

The resulting data can be viewed either on the Project: Starpath web page or directly on the user's phone. A Google map automatically plots the locations with accompanying images and details.

By pooling our resources we hope to uncover a trove of celestial features that can be used for education and public outreach at a later date. Thanks for your contribution to the hunt.

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