Scifari is an amalgam of science, safari, and science fair. Scifari proposes investigations, projects, and activities relevant to astronomy that can be done in the community by students.  Please feel free to contribute your ideas to the list. 

Making a list...

  • Lunar Sample Bag
    Discover whether a Lunar Sample Bag that was used to collect moon rocks during Apollo 14 contains a national treasure--moon dust!
  • Lights Out
    Measure by how much light pollution changes during an urban blackout in South Bend, IN.  Use Dark Sky Meter readings from parking garage rooftops during 2014 power outage, and compare to your own readings during normal nighttime.
  • Streetlights on Gumwood
    Guide a county road project by comparing Dark Sky Meter values before and after roadway lighting.
  • LTBN Redux
    Investigate changes in the darkness of the night sky by comparing Sky Quality Meter (SQM) readings from 2009 Let There Be Night project with the current sky. 
  • Be a Galileo
    Track sunspots safely and measure how fast the sun rotates, akin to Galileo 400 years ago. 
  • Guide a Renaissance
    The Renaissance District in South Bend encourages astronomy design in projects near Union Station, such as the proposed Greenway.  Dream, design, inspire, implement!
  • The List
    Be a citizen of the world--participate in science.  This compilation of project ideas is a rough starting point for finding astronomy investigations for regular citizens.